Excerpts from the Sobar Manoj Utsav

Excerpts from the Sobar Manoj Utsav brochure..

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"When a creative artist can excel in so many fields - writing, acting and directing, it is obvious that he is truly gifted.

Manoj Mitra's work is known for its wide and deep sweep, across time and space, years of rural and urban Indian history to contemporary social causes, from outbursts of comic laughter to heart touching silence."

From A treasure of Indian Theatre by Kiron Bhatnagar

"This play (Bagiya Baanchha Ram Ki) lives on even now after 45 years and I am sure it will go on living. Because, it celebrates an eternal truth: Triumph of INNOCENCE AND ZEST FOR LIFE, negating vices like Avarice.

I have done four other plays of Manoj - Kissa Hakeem Saheb Ka,(Galpo Hekim Saheb) Saiyyan Beimaan (Dampati), two short --plays Do Panchhi and Sanjh Ka Tara (Sandhya Tara)."

From That Bagiya...that Hakeem by Rajinder Nath

"Playwright. Magician. Or a breath of fresh air, weaving rainbows into the magic of human existence. Play after play, coming like yet another sky, charting unlimited possibilities. Unfurling newer horizons, newer intersections of human latitudes and longitudes --exploring the ever changing, ever increasing range of being alive. Marked by an artistically deep sympathy for the human character - a touch of the Chekhovian, yet going far beyond it.

The audiences Manoj da has enthralled and held spellbound, not just in India, but across different parts of the world, are the greatest testimony to how well, and how incisively he has played with the medium. Turning it into plasticine in his hands, giving it yet newer shades and shapes, with the innocent curiosity of a child seeing the world, sharing with his audiences the joy of discovery, with the characteristic modesty which comes naturally to the greatest of artistes only, reaffirming faith, and above all, hope in the dignity of man."

From Poet of Man by Sachin Tewari

"I have seen him on stage, screen , as a story teller and in person and every time I am amazed by his vast resource of talent, often some may not see that walking past him even talking to him."From Manoj Mitra the Enigma by Anant Mahapatra

"It is my misfortune that I could not attend SUNDARAM's SOBAR MANOJ festival..Sir it would be my way of honour to pay my tribute to you as I have been very fond of your works." From a letter by Jawhar Sircar