Galpo Hekim Saheb

Galpo Hekim Saheb
Written and directed by Manoj Mitra

Bengal a hundred and fifty years back, ordinary lives are like chaff before the whims of Zamindars, Talukdars, Tahasildars and all those dictated by the British Raj's Permanent Settlement.

Two such Talukdars are at the crux of Galpo Hekim Saheb - Wali Khan of Dariaganj and Pashupati Poddar of Palashpur. Locked horns in their lust for wealth and power they heap hardships on their subjects. If one snatches a courtesan to snub his rival, another conspires to persuade a hekim to switch sides.

The Hekim Saheb of Dariyaganj is much valued because his medicines help the impoverished villagers and ensure the flow of revenue with the talukdars doing nothing to help them. That doesn't mean the Hekim is any more prosperous than the rest. He lives in a hovel and travels across the Taluk on a three-legged ass. Talented, honest, dedicated and righteous, he is a misfit, just as endangered as his dreams of inventing a cure for the most dreaded disease.

All that the Hekim needs are red roses. The two talukdars use their beds of roses to control him. The Hekim is trying hard to forget his invention. But then disease strikes, the very disease Hekim's invention could have stopped....