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Ja Nei Bharatey

Script and direction by Manoj Mitra

"Tell the King if he will still not care for my children they will come out of the forest in swarm.. and there will be war, a great war..a bloodthirsty moon has risen and strewn all over the crop-laden fields are dismembered corpses.." warns Patokini the jungle mother who shelters the unwanted children of Hastinapur in the forests.

"Were this merely an issue of succession the matter would resolve quite easily, but this is a conflict of two opposing doctrines, two different world-views. On one side is the age-old tradition that counts a king's power in terms of conquests and loot, on the other is our king's lone struggle to end it all," says Kanchuki, the 130 year-old keeper of the inner chambers of Hastinapur's royal palace.

Beginning before the birth of Dhritarashtra and Pandu, Manoj Mitra's Ja Nei Bharatey traces the cross
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Munni O Saat Chowkidar

Written and directed by Manoj Mitra

A farce on relationships and a crazy little thing called love

How many guards can you place round your youth, your instinct, passion, whim or whatever it is that draws one person to another making them behave inexplicably and irrationally? In a bid to protect his beautiful wife Munni from the unwanted attentions of his boss, a young husband picks guards one after the other never certain he can fully trust the chowkidaars. Can he save the day? Does Munni have a say in the matter?

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Aschourjo Funtosee

A topsy-turvy tale for a topsy-turvy time

Drama and direction Manoj Mitra

What used to be the Ramayana by the enlightened dacoit Ratnakar became something else in the hands of petty thief Madhav Chandra. Like elite dishes reproduced on street corners, it took on new flavours - saucy, unpredictable, exotic...some say even magical.

For instance, who was it that went to Lanka in search of Sita? Was it Hanuman or Hanumati? If in Bengali the feminine gender of Budhiman is Budhimati and Sriman is Srimati why can't we imagine a Hanuman and Hanumati?

Wouldn't it be easier for a female to get access to the inner chambers of Ravana's Palace? And wouldn't Sita trust her more? Madhav Chandra believed only women can come to the rescue of women. So in this hilarious, topsy - turvy Ramayana pala, called Aschourjo Funtosee, Hanumati travels to Lanka.
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